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Network Peripherals

Network Peripheral allows each user to create a small network in their houses/pffices to share the data with users easily. Or setup some servers to provide various Internet services, such as FTP/Web Server. Those servers are workable for Internet users to change and share the information each other.

Print Server

USB2.0 MFP Print Server


The FPS-1010M allows you to share your MFP (Multi-Function Printer) to your network. Not only printer, but also scanner, fax and card reader can be shared to your network at the same time. With Windows base operation utility, each user can get the MFP to print and scan your document, send a fax or reach the data from the card reader of MFP via FPS-1010M. For More information,

USB 2.0 GDI Print Server


It allows you to share traditional printer and GDI printer on your network. Not only does it provide network users greater flexibility, but also it removes the load from the existing server.

Wired Multi-Port Print Server


Equipped with the USB & Parallel printing interfaces, the Multi-Port Print Server makes your printer sharing available in the most popular wired and wireless network environments.

With the embedded web server, the Print Servers are configurable through your network. Moreover, PLANET also provides a management utility for Microsoft Windows systems.

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