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Molded Cables

Molded cable assemblies are designed for long life and reliable performance in a variety of input/output (I/O) and keyboard interface applications. Among the many features of the cable assemblies are these performance-enhancing attributes: Shielding: The assemblies molded handles are 100% shielded (where used) to assist in FCC compliance, while guarding against EMI and RFI. Shield continuity is maintained through the entire length of the assembly. The connector shield is connected to both the connector shell and the cable shield. This provides a low resistance ground path to optimize shield performance. Connectors: Connectors consist of tin-plated shells with grounding indents on male connectors. Pins and sockets are constructed of brass or phosphor-bronze base with gold selectively plated over nickel.

Molded Serial Cables

A serial cable is a cable that can be used to transfer information between two devices using serial communication, often using the RS-232 standard. Serial cables may use D-subminiature connectors with 9 or 25 pins, but other connectors are used. A specially wired cable used for connecting two similar computer serial ports directly is known as a null modem.

Empirically tested combinations of bit rate,serial ports, cable type, and lengths may provide reliable communications, but generally RS 232-compatible ports are intended to be connected by at the most a few tens of metres (yards) of cable.

Null modem cables

Use this cable between two DTE devices (for instance two computers)

The purpose of a null-modem cable is to permit two RS-232 DTE devices to communicate with each other without modems or other communication devices (i.e., DCE"s) between them.

These cables also support custom designed data transfer devices equipped with DB9, DB37 or DB25 ports.

When trying to run a serial connection over a very long distance, it is better to use a ethernet line to do so. It will cut down on signal loss and interference. For that industry prefers following cables:

• RJ45 (8-pin) to DB25(M) Cable
• RJ45 (8-pin) to DB25(F) Cable
• RJ45 (8-pin) to DB9(M) Cable
• RJ45 (8-pin) to DB9(F) Cable

All our molded serial cables are fully populated and combine foil shield construction with a PVC jacket for durability. Thumbscrews are attached for a reliable connection.